• Air Vice-Marshal Andy Turner with the RAF Benevolent Fund Brompton.

    Why I'm supporting the Brompton Bike Challenge

    17 April 2015 - More than 40 people have already signed up to take part in the RAF Benevolent Fund charity Brompton Bike ride from Paris to London this September. In this blog, Air Vice Marshal Andy Turner explains why he decided to get involved.

  • Ryan Morris

    Ryan's Benson to Paris bike ride

    13 April 2015 - Squadron Leader Ryan Morris will be embarking on a bike ride next month alongside a team of 10 to raise money for our work. Ryan tells us more in this blog.

  • Dave Fellowes

    WWII veteran remembers Op Exodus on its 70th anniversary

    02 April 2015 - During the Second World War thousands of Allied fighters were held prisoner in camps across Europe. As the war drew to an end there were fears these prisoners of war could be left to starve or fall victim to revenge attacks carried out by their German guards. Operation Exodus, which began 70 years ago on 3 April, was launched to evacuate these men safely in one of the RAF's first humanitarian missions. Veteran Dave Fellowes describes what it was like to take part.

  • Cakes

    Celebrate RAF97 and fundraise for the RAF family

    01 April 2015 - It's time to break out the candles and party hats, as we celebrate the Royal Air Force's 97th birthday on April 1st! The RAF Benevolent Fund, the RAF’s leading welfare charity, is marking the occasion by celebrating 97 of our Superstar Supporters.

  • Guinea Pig veterans.

    Guinea Pigs gather to celebrate friendship and innovation

    27 March 2015 - Enduring friendship and camaraderie borne out of shared experiences has bound a unique group of military veterans for more than 70 years. This week they gathered at Princess Marina House for a gala dinner.

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